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After 317 years, Framingham will radically alter the form and leadership of our government.

Our very first mayor will set the norms for what kind of city we want to be, so it is a challenge for all of us to decide what traits will serve us best.

My professional life and service as a volunteer to Framingham has relied on analysis to find the best path forward on any given problem or opportunity. I find myself doing the same as I make my choice for mayor. Such factors as respect for individuals, personal dignity, and character are paramount.

Our mayor needs proven ability to lead, to inspire, to delegate, and yet have a collaborative spirit. Our mayor needs to be respected on Beacon Hill by republicans and democrats alike.

And our mayor needs to bring fresh perspective to running our community and be free of outside money and interests.

The city vote signaled a desire for change, to break from the political establishment that has run our town for decades.

In my analysis of the mayoral candidates, only one stands out as the right person at the right time.

I believe that Yvonne Spicer is uniquely qualified to be the Mayor of the City of Framingham.

Yvonne Spicer gives me HOPE. Hope for the future of Framingham and my family and friends within it.

After readers do their own analysis of the candidates, I urge them to vote for Yvonne Spicer.

Thank you for your consideration.

Betty Funk
District 4

Framingham Source
October 29, 2017
Image: Framingham Source
Original: Letter: Spicer Will Bring ‘Hope’ To City of Framingham as Mayor