Dear fellow Framingham resident,

The present moment is critical. Change is hard. Over the last four years our town became a city and simultaneously endured a pandemic. We have accomplished a lot on a number of lingering issues:

  • We are revitalizing blighted plazas like Nobscot and Mt. Wayte;
  • We have brought life science companies to the area to create good jobs;
  • We have expanded green spaces and bike trails;
  • We started the cleanup of the General Chemical site;
  • With my support, we increased the school budget by 15.2%, representing $19.4 million over the course of my administration.

These issues had lingered in Framingham for years and we have tackled them head on. But we have a lot more to do. At this election we will make a choice whether we can go forward and work toward an inclusive, resilient city for all, or go back to the politics of the past.

At this election we will make a choice whether we can go forward and work toward an inclusive, resilient city for all, or go back to the politics of the past. Many of you have asked me why I do what I do, what drives my desire to serve, and what is my vision for the future. In this platform, I answer these questions and share my vision for the future.

As your Mayor, I have laid the foundation for Framingham to become a world-class city, but I have more to do. I want to continue leading this effort and I am the only one in this race who has done this work as a Mayor. Every day in this job, I strive to create opportunities for all, raising the bar and moving the needle for every resident in our city. Whether you are a young professional looking to purchase your first home and take the next step in your career; whether you are starting a new business; whether you are facing life, health, or retirement challenges; or whether you are struggling to put food on the table — I am leading the charge of making Framingham a better place for you. I listen. I understand your needs. The challenges you present me with only make me a better leader. I am the only one in this race who has led Framingham as Mayor and I am ready to lead our city for another four years. Over the last several years I have built relationships across our city and our state. I will continue to leverage these relationships to bring publicity, business, and state funding to Framingham. I have been tested, I have met the challenges, and will continue leading Framingham during these difficult times.

I am a resilient Mayor and I will continue to build a stronger, thriving Framingham. In my first term, I laid the groundwork for us to make deep investments in our future. We invested in our schools, started the arduous work of invigorating our economy through planned growth, and balanced development. We worked on preserving our assets, resources, and quality of life and made investments in our people. This work wasn’t always easy and we didn’t always agree on the best ways to move forward. What we do agree on, however, is larger than us: by working hard and investing in our children, our infrastructure, and our environment, we can build a truly resilient city. Continued investment in education, focus on pandemic recovery, large scale green economic development, and expanding workforce housing are some of the ways that we will take Framingham into a more prosperous future.

In this election we will make a critical choice: whether we go forward and work towards an inclusive, resilient city for all, or fall back to the ways of the past. Over the last few years we transitioned to a city form of government while facing an unprecedented pandemic. We battled the virus and its economic aftermath. Many in our midst lost loved ones, jobs, and their safety net and continue to struggle. The pandemic resulted in a nationwide increase in economic inequality, a reckoning with racial injustice, and some of the first impacts of the climate crisis. However, the pandemic has also brought out in us the compassion and will to conquer the challenges. We have reached out and checked on our older adults, and delivered groceries to our neighbors. We are improving the ways we govern, teach, and do business. We are cleaning our corner of the world, making Framingham beautiful, one clean street and one decontaminated site at a time. The pandemic is not over yet and in Framingham, now is not the time to revert to the politics of the past. We need to move forward by caring for our health and wellbeing, looking out for our neighbors and our community, and investing in our future. We must make a collective promise to a greener, more just and prosperous future.

Yvonne's swearing in
Child making a craft while Yvonne Spicer looks over her shoulder